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For Writers

Resources for Writers

ON WRITING (And Publishing)

All of Maggie Stiefvater's writing advice in one place (this one and this one are my personal favourites)

A WEALTH OF knowledge over at Susan Dennard's website


WORLDBUILDING (For fantasy writers)

Malinda Lo's Foundations of Worldbuilding (She includes Holly Black's Rules for worldbuilding in this post)

7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding

Berley’s Top 10 World Building Tips for Sci Fi or Fantasy


Author Mentor Match

Pitch Wars

#WeNeedDiverseBooks Mentorships

The DREADED Book Synopsis

How to Write a 1-Page Synopsis

6 Steps for Writing a Book Synopsis

How to Write a Novel Synopsis


The Query Letter

Ten Rules for Query Letters

Traci Chee's Query Tips (9 detailed and extensive posts, including one on book pitches)

The Complete Guide to Query Letters

Successful Query Letter Examples

Finding and Querying Agents

Researching Literary Agents

SFWA's ADVICE FOR finding and querying agents

AgentQuery (for finding agents and the kinds of books/genres they represent)

QueryTracker (for finding agents and tracking their responses to queries)

Publishers Marketplace (For looking up agents/editors to see WHICH books they represent/acquire)